International Small Islands Studies Association

ISISA Awards

ISISA Honorary Life Membership Awards

From time to time, the International Small Islands Studies Association celebrates members who provide exemplary service to the organization through the awarding of an Honorary Life Membership. The designation is extended to deserving individuals who, in the eyes of the ISISA Executive, have made a significant and notable contribution to island studies scholarship, policy, and/or practice.

To date, we have three such individuals: Dr. Peter Meincke, Dr. Grant McCall, and Dr. Huei-Min Tsai.

Peter Meincke (2012) Grant McCall (2014) Huei-Min Tsai (2018)

ISISA Student Scholarship Awards

ISISA collaborates with the organisers of its 'Islands of the World' conferences by offering a number of scholarships of 500 euros each (or equivalent) to bona fide students whose abstract has been submitted and accepted for the conference. The funds support students with their costs in attending the conference and are presented in cash. This ensures a community of lively and energetic young scholars at our events.

At the 16th 'Islands of the World' conference in Leeuwarden & Terschelling, The Netherlands (June 2018), Scholarship Awards were presented to the following students: Oliver Antczak, Nathan Bond, Christina Maria dos Santos Paulino, Therra Edenhart-Pepe, James Ellsmoor, Pantelina Emmanouilidou, Tabitha Espina, Sietze Norder, Ourania Papasozomenou, Fleur Ward.

At the 17th 'Islands of the World' (virtual) conference, these students were exempted from conference fees: Kearney Coupland, Maggie Henry, Bobby McCauley, Shiva Mohan, Izumi Nonaka, Alicia Noreiga, Brady Podloski, Fleur Ward.

At the 18th 'Islands of the World' conference, in Zadar, Croatia, Scholarship Awards are to be presented to 12 students.