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The crossing from hell

Laurie Brinklow

A friend from Prince Edward Island decided to visit the Galapagos Islands. She knew that I had been there in 2013 (it was a pilgrimage of sorts to the Island Studies "motherland"), so she asked for some travel and accommodation tips. I was happy to oblige... after all, someone had done the same for me. 

This morning she posted a video on Facebook of a snippet of her "crossing from hell" from Santa Cruz to Isabela Island, along with these words:

...journey to Isabella Island on a Galápagos "ferry". The "ferries" are 2 or 2 1/2 hour transfers in open ocean. My San Cristobol to Santa Cruz ride was just beautifully smooth so what were the words of caution all about? I am a wind in your hair kind of gal so no big deal, just another boat ride. In the afternoon onward to Isabella Island........well the video says it all! Thanks to Jeannie and Laurie for the heads up about these ferries......I...

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