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Sailing to ISISA


How to get to an island, if not by boat? Here is a 2-page report by Gerard Persoon about 'sailing to ISISA' 2018.

This article was meant to appear in the July 2018 ISISA Newsletter, but was inadvertently omitted. Our apologies to Dr Persoon. :-(

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Fogo Island Arts launches artist project focussed on food culture and sustainability

July 18, 2018 (Fogo Island) – Fogo Island Arts, in collaboration with Shorefast and the community of Fogo Island, is pleased to present Open Restaurant on Fogo Island, a project by artist Steffen Jagenburg involving local growers and producers, and knowledge inherent to place. First initiated by Jagenburg in Berlin in 2012, Open Restaurant is an ongoing project that brings people together around ideas of local and organic food. For the Fogo Island edition, Jagenburg will cook and host two suppers a week for invited guests during the month of August. Each meal will be sourced from local ingredients and shaped by food knowledge specific to the island’s...

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There is no 'away'

Laurie Brinklow

I was reading a blog post by the leader of Prince Edward Island’s Green Party, Peter Bevan-Baker, when a particular paragraph jumped off the page. Peter was writing about a controversy over a pulp mill in Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada, which is planning to dump its 'treated' effluent into the Northumberland Strait that separates Nova Scotia from our island. This is because Northern Pulp is no longer allowed to dump it where they dump it now - a lagoon next door - because IT is contaminated. As you can imagine, it's a story of contested space with David and Goliath proportions.

This is the paragraph:

'We sometimes talk about throwing our garbage “away”,...

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