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13th ‘Islands of the World’ ISISA Conference


The 13th ‘Islands of the World’ ISISA Conference concluded in Magong City, Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan, on Saturday 27 September with the ISISA General Meeting. There were various important outcomes that all associated with ISISA will want to know. These include the new ISISA Executive (2014-2018):

Office Bearers:
President: Godfrey Baldacchino
Vice President: Beate Ratter
Secretary: Graeme Robertson
Treasurer: Stephen A. Royle
Communications Officer: Clyde Sakamoto

Other (Ordinary) Members:
Laurie Brinklow
Marina Karides
Dana Lewis-Ambrose
Elaine Stratford

The other big news is that ISISA is going to a yearly schedule, at least for a few years. This is a departure from past years as a look at the history of ISISA in the Charter shows.

The University of the Aegean in Lesvos (Lesbos to most non-Greeks) is to host the 2016 conference, whilst Kangaroo Island, South Australia, is up for July 2017. June 2018 will bring ISISA back to Europe, to the island of Terschelling, The Netherlands.

For those of you who are not members, this is the time to join. With the new President, there are likely to be changes in the Association and you will want to be a part of that exciting of the largest multi-disciplinary, multi-national island studies organisation in the world today. A strategic review of ISISA’s mandate and operations in underway, and members will be able to participate and actively engage in determining the future of the Association.

The more frequent format for conferences, details to be announced shortly on the ISISA website – easy to find – means more opportunity for hosts to offer their islands as venues for the prestigious “Islands of the World” conferences.

The acclaimed Island Studies Journal  has also been confirmed as the official publication of ISISA after a two-year trial period, adding to the usefulness of ISISA membership.

Congratulations to the new ISISA team and to our new hosts for future conferences; thank you to outgoing ISISA President Grant McCall for your leadership; and a heartfelt thanks to the organizers of the just-concluded spectacular conference in Taipei and Penghu, Taiwan.

(Adapted from a message submitted by Laurie Brinklow on the ISISA Facebook page: )

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