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Islands of the World IX


Islands of the World IX
Sustainable Islands ~ Sustainable Strategies

Concurrent Session Schedule
(as of 28 July 2006)


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2) Abstracts for all presentations will be in the conference program

Monday, 31 July
Concurrent Session A

KaLama 103
Po`okela (Economy) & Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
Maggie Welker, Convener
1:30-2:50 – Panel ~ Community Visioning
Chellapermal, Pynee A. ~ Community Visioning: A strategy for Sustainable Island Living? The case of the Indian Ocean Islands with especial reference to Mauritius*
Crivello, Stacy ~ Moloka`i’s Visioning Process*
Holm, Tiare ~ Community Visioning: A strategy for Sustainable Island Living?*
Ingram, Imogen P. ~ Will Dramatic Change in Cook Islands Land Tenure Lead to Major Social Change?*
Mow, June Marie ~ The native islanders of San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina: Dreaming between two worlds*
Susan Vize, UNESCO Office for the Pacific in Apia, Samoa

KaLama 104A
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
1:30 – Nagashima, Shunsuke ~ Island Sustainability Risks in Japan*
1:50 – McCall, Grant ~ Nissographica: Island Images, Examples from Rapanui and Samoa
2:10 – Augustine, Patrick J., and Margaret Mizzi ~ Placeness, Placelessness and Identity: Recounting the story of the inhabitants of Lennox Island
2:30 – Jin Ho, Kim, and June Oh Sang ~ The Local Movement for the Democratic Procedures in Three Islands

Laulima 103
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
Jill Komoto, Convener
1:30 – Todosichuk, Ardice ~ Towards Sustainability  A Case study of the Islands Trust – Canada*
1:50 – Donohue, Mary and Stephen Meder ~ Can Smart Growth Save Species: A New Focus to Achieve Old Goals?
2:10 – Braun, Karolyn, Derek Toloumu, and Forest Duldulao ~ Ground-truthing fisheries stock Data with Traditional Ecological Knowledge on Tutuila, American Samoa
2:30 – Braun, Karolyn ~ Coral Reefs of American Samoa

Laulima 107
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
1:30 – Noda, Shinichi ~ Mosquitoes collected on Yap Islands and Ulithi Atoll, Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia (Diptera: Culicidae)*
1:50 – Malm, Thomas ~ No Island is an ”Island”: Some Perspectives on Human Ecology and Development in Oceania*
2:10 – Watson, Erin ~ Documenting Cultural Values of Cetaceans in Polynesia with a case study survey of Tuvalu
2:30 – Chen, Henry C. L. ~ Is it the right alternative development? A case of Chigu area in Tainan, Taiwan*

Laulima 225
Po`okela (Economy)
Margaret Christensen, Convener
1:30 – Christensen, Margaret and David Grooms ~ Growing from A(ssociate) to B(achelor’s) on Maui*
1:50 – Lembeck, Linda ~ Fishing the Ancient Waters*
2:10 – Helfrich, Paula, Dennis Teranishi, and Susan Matsushima ~ Global Islands – Models for sustainable practices
2:30 – Surles, Terry ~ `Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems for Island Economies*

Monday, 31 July
Concurrent Session B

KaLama 103
Diane Meyer, Convener
Malama `Aina (Ecology) & Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
3:10-4:30 – Panel ~ Indigenous Management Systems: the `Ahupua`a, a System of Sustainability
Pauline Chinn, Moderator; Alyson Napua Barrows; Catherine Davenport; Derek Masaki; and Johanna Kamaunu

KaLama 104A
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
3:10 – Smith, John, and Penny Smith ~ 10 Days on the Island:A creative model for a sustainable creative culture*
3:30 – Quanchi, Max ~ Samarai; photographing an island gem in the South Pacific in the early 20th Century*
3:50 – Nakaya, Seiji ~ Understanding behavior and perceptions of fishers and diving operators in Sekisei Lagoon, in the south of Okinawa, through a project under Japan’s Law for the Promotion of Nature Restoration*
4:10 – Tsai, Huei-Min, and Chi-Teng Wu ~ Green Schools and Young Islanders’ Actions for a Sustainable Future – The case of Leiyu Island, Taiwan

Laulima 225
Po`okela (Economy) & Malama `Aina (Ecology)
3:10-3:45 King, Robert ~ Community-Based Biodiesel Production
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
3:50 – Stratford, Elaine ~ Webbing the Islands: Mapping the place of learning communities among island schools the world over
4:10 – Stratford, Elaine, and Sarah Howell ~ Placing Tasmania: insights into islandness as a resourceWebbing the Islands: Mapping the place of learning communities among island schools the world over

Laulima 107
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
Ann Fielding, Convener
3:10 – Meder, Stephen ~ Merging Science and Design: Seeking Long-Term Solutions For Coastal Communities
3:30 – Winans-Burns, Cynthia ~ Montessori School of Maui Guidelines of Sustainability*
3:50 – Peck, Sara ~ Extreme Outreach Action to Prepare Hawaii Island for a Building Boom
4:10 – Toaspern, Megan (Peck) ~ Strategies for Coping with Polluted Runoff

Laulima 103
Po`okela (Economy)
Melissa Bos, Convener
3:10 – Asquith, Adam ~ Energy – Economy and the Sustainability of Kauai
3:30 – Nagarajan, Palanisamy ~ The Near Collapse of Nauru: Harbingers Unsustainability of Small Islands Without a Shift in Development Paradigms
3:50 – Novaczek, Irené ~ Edible and medicinal marine plants as resources for rural women’smicroenterprise on small islands of the South Pacific*
4:10 – Ahmed, S. Faiz ~ Negotiating New Regionalisms in the Caribbean

Poster Sessions
Laulima 103
4:30-6:00 pm
Braun, Karolyn and Eric Hanson ~ Education for Sustainibility in American Samoa
Chen, Chang-Po, Fang-Lin Wang, Chao-Lun Chen, See-Min Tee, and Hwey-Lian Hsieh ~ The coconut crab Birgus latro (L.) conservation network at Green Island in Taiwan*
Clark, India – The Coastal Society of Hawaii
Cohen, Brooke Porter and Anne Rillero ~ Utilizing Sustainable Practices in a Marine Ecotourism Organization
Davies, Rhyn, Mark Fornwall, Kate Brown-Vitolio, and Tamara Logan ~ Applying Biodiversity Informatics to Enable Local Level Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management in the Pacific Region
Hsieh, Hwey-Lian and Chang-Po Chen ~ Strategy of conserving natural resources on small islands in Taiwan region
Lepoutre, Dominique ~ Awakening to the Possibility of a Sustainable Future
Nair, Seeta ~ A Sustainable Approach to Island Tourism Development –Showcasing Pulau Segayang, Riau, Indonesia

Laulima 108
5:00-5:25 pm
“Sustainable Living: the Island Way”

Tuesday, 1 August
Concurrent Sessions C

KaLama 103
Po`okela (Economy)
Lorelle Perros, Convener
1:30 –
1:50 –
2:10 – Lim, Charles C. S. ~ The conceptual development of Island Tourism Status Indicators (ITSI) and Multi-functional Interactive Process Cycle (MIPC)*
2:30 – Kakazu, Hiroshi ~ Sustainable Island Tourism: The Case of Okinawa*

KaLama 104A
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
Michelle Katsutani, Convener
1:30 – Mersai, Charlene, and Craig J. Severance ~ Marine Protected Area Governance in Palau:  State Authority, Traditional Leadership and Community Roles
1:50 – Douglas, Calbert H. ~ The geography, economy and built environments of Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands: strategies for sustainability
2:10 – Farbotko, Carol ~ Climate change, identity and ecocolonialism in Tuvalu*
2:30 – Farbotko, Carol ~ The construction of atoll space: exploring the meanings of climate change in popular culture*

Laulima 103
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
India Clark, Convener
1:30 – Jenkins, Bert ~ Education for Agriculture and Environmental Security on Bougainville
1:50 – Fitzgerald, Sheri T. ~ Adult Learning and Transformation in the Context of an Environmental Education Course Utilizing a Place-Based Curriculum for Preservice Teachers*
2:10 – van den Berg, Deborah ~ Living beyond ‘collapse’ on Easter Island*
2:30 – Persoon, Gerard A. and Myrna Eindhoven ~ The Island of Siberut: Looking back at 25 years Man-and-Biosphere Reserve*

Laulima 107
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
1:30 – Saddul, Prem ~ The December 2004 tsunami and the vulnerability of small islands of the south West Indian ocean: Lessons learnt and the way forward
1:50 – Chou, Chih-Chieh ~ Impacts of Territorial Inundation on Small Island States: An Analysis from the Perspective of International Politics and Law*
2:10 – Abbott, Thorne ~ Maui County’s Special Management Area Permit Process
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
2:30 – Abbott, Thorne ~ Maui County’s Special Management Areas*

Laulima 102
Po`okela (Economy)
Bob Howerton, Convener
1:30 – Howerton, Bob ~ University of Hawai`i – Sea Grant Aquaculture Programs
1:50 – Jayaraman, Tiru, Chee-Keong Choong, and Abdul Rahman ~ Public Debt and Economic Growth in the South Pacific Islands: A Case Study of Fiji
2:10 – (Warren) Enoch, Marcus P. and James P Warren ~ Automobile use in small island developing states*
2:30 –

Wednesday, 2 August
Concurrent Sessions D

KaLama 103
1:30-2:50 PM
Panel ~ Sustainable Strategies for Sub-national Islands Jurisdictions (SINJs): innovative governance and economic development practices
Huei-Min Tsai, Moderator
Baldacchino, Godfrey ~ Offshoring Strategies: Lessons from Sub-National Island Jurisdictions*
Bartmann, Barry ~ In or Out? Sub-National Island Jurisdictions and the Antechamber of Paradiplomacy*
Stuart, Kathy ~ Jurisdictional Leverage and Electricity: Case of Prince Edward Island
Mizzi, Margaret ~ Expressions of dyadic asymmetry: Exploring the binary dynamics of sub-national island jurisdictions (SNIJs)

KaLama 104A
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
Sean Calder, Convener
1:30 – Cambers, Gillian ~ Generation by Generation, Community after Community*
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
1:50 – CD-ROM, “The Canoe is the People: Indigenous Navigation in the Pacific”
2:10-2:50 – Young, John ~ Productivity Versus Creativity: Cultural heritage, Ecology and Economy in Tasmania’s Forests*

Laulima 103
Ho`ohanohano (Social Equity & Culture)
Suzette Robinson , Convener
1:30 – Jackson, Rebecca ~ Development on Tasmania’s Bruny Island: Changing the Character of the Island?*
1:50 – McCall, Grant ~ Rapanui Tourism: The way the world ought to be
2:10 – Brinklow, Laurie ~ Island DNA: Cultural Policy as a Building Block for Sustainable Islands*
2:30 – Ka`ai`ai, Charles M., Kitty Simonds, and Paul Dalzell ~ Ahupua`a in the 21st Century and its Application to Archipelagic Fishery Ecosystem Planning*

Laulima 107
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
Zoe Norcross Nu`u, Convener
1:30 – Crane, Emmanuelle ~ Mining projects in New Caledonia and Baffin Island: an economic mirage with ecological consequences?
1:50 – Smith, Willliam J. ~ Improving the Methods and Orientation of Researchers in Small Island GIS Capacity Building: The Case of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia*
2:10 – Norcross-Nu`u, Zoe ~ Strategies for Protecting Beach Resources
2:30 – Eversole, Dolen, and Sam Lemmo ~ Hawai`i’s Emerging Shoreline Management Policy- An Integrated Approach

Laulima 225
Po`okela (Economy)
1:30 – Sahani, Ramesh ~ Tsunami : Habitat, Economy and Social Spheres of Car Nicobarese*
1:50 – Garfield, Robert ~ The Economic Development of Small Islands: Lessons from the 16th Century*
2:10 – Billing, Peter ~ Designing A Global Small Island Destination – Bornholm, Denmark?*
Malama `Aina (Ecology)
2:30 – Hanoa, Pele ~ Saving Punalu`u

Laulima 102
Po`okela (Economy)
1:30 – Ratter, Beate M.W.  ~ The EU sugar politics – fool’s gold for small nations
1:50 – Bertram, Geoff ~ Applying a New Economic Typology of Small Islands
2:10 – Chang, Chang-Yi, and Lin Kuan-Hui ~ Island Vulnerability and Sustainable Development – Taiwan Experience*
2:30 – Marconnet, Marie ~ Analysis of the Key Patterns and Trends of Electricity Production and Consumption in Pacific Island Countries*

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